What is the best Tea for Weight Loss

Tea, why tea? what’s in it for me? These are questions I have been faced with on a daily basis when I speak of tea, but without knowing teas work wonders. Teas are like power tools they just keep you going and going. Here are a list of Teas that works magic;

  • Green Tea; This tea is also known as the true tea, meaning for me growing up whenever the word tea came up it would be green tea. This tea is a known aid to weight loss. It offers great health benefits as extensive research has proven so. Green tea is sold as extract or a supplement used to boost weight loss. Drinking two (2) to three (3) cups of green daily will definitely boost your weight control
  • Peppermint Tea; a more familiar tea to our world now, this teak makes one feel full for an extended period. This basically equates to fewer calories being consumed (eating less). Drinking peppermint tea will boost fat loss by enhancing your performance when exercising.
  • Oolong Tea; it is a semi oxidized tea that is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. It offers weight loss benefits. Research has shown that it prevent cardiovascular diseases and increases weight loss especially in obese people. This tea decreases fat cells by an average of 12% as proven by researchers.
  • White Tea; Like oolong tea this is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. It is harvested and sun dried. It is made by using the very young leaves of the plant, it produces a sweet and mild flavor. Research indicates that this tea has the ability to improve your body’s ability to burn fat.
  • Black Tea; This is one of the healthiest teas as it is very beneficial in reducing type (2) diabetes and improving your blood sugar regulation. As the name says it all, the leaves are deep black with a flavor similar to that of coffee. There are many weight loss benefits of this tea.
  • Rooibs Tea; This is not a familiar tea but it stems from South Africa. It helps to lower stress hormones which cause weight gain. Studies have proven that stress induced weight gain can be reversed by the consumption of this tea.


The life we live now most of us are health conscious and want to lose weight which can be a monumental task. These teas work as cleansers for your body and at the very same time assist in weight loss tremendously. As stated earlier two (2) to three(3) cups of these teas per day without any sweeteners will work wonders and have you feeling rejuvenated. Pay close attention to the health benefits, drink tea and live on.

    4 Replies to “What is the best Tea for Weight Loss”

    1. From the teas listed on this page it seems I am only aware of green tea. Maybe that is because of where I live. Anyway, green tea is really amazing and apart from its health benefits its aroma is really nice. I don’t like serving my visitors regular tea and I give them green tea all the time and it seems they are also aware of its health benefits and are really happy whenever I serve them this particular tea.

    2. Weight loss has been a major day to day concern this days. Everyone want to be in good shape and look very smart. That is why people no longer want to wait for diet or exercise that can control their weight rather they go for the tea that can control weight. Although I have never used tea for weight control before but from different review that I have read about green tea. Green tea is known to control weight loss but many or maybe all of them have nothing less than 20% of caffeine. We all know the side effects of caffeine when consumed at larger dose. It is know to cause insomia, stomach upset etc. So, care should be taken while taken this tea. We should seek medical advise before taking any tea.

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