Training Schedule: For Weight loss

Getting down to the training part of losing weight is a huge task indeed but, keeping in mind that you’ve gotten your goals set out for you then as long as you remain focus and up to the challenge you will be in for a feast. Here is a simple workout plan to achieve desired results

The only equipment need for these series of exercises is a floor mat, and a water bottle. Get these items and Lets getting going .

Day one (1)                                                     

  • High Stepping – 30 secs
  • Mountain climbers- 30 secs
  • Squats- *16
  • Push ups-*12
  • Reverse Crunches-*16
  • Plank- 30 secs
  • Stretch- 30 secs

Upon completion of this first phase hydrate yourself and rest for a minimum of 45 seconds, repeat the steps over and then call it a day. In total this should take you to at least twenty full minutes and you should be dripping sweat.

Day Two (2)

  • Mountain Climbers- 30 secs
  • Triceps dips- *16
  • Jumping jacks- 30 secs
  • Long arms crunches- *16
  • Bicycle crunches- *16
  • Plank- 30 secs
  • Stretch

By then your muscles should be sore, you should not worry about this because your body has to adjust to the exercises. “If it ent hurting it ent working”. Ensure that the exercises are repeated.

Day Three (3)

  • Mountain Climbers- 30 secs
  • Jumping jacks- 30 secs
  • Abdominal crunches- *16
  • Heel touch- *16
  • Flutter kicks- 30 secs
  • Plank- 30 secs
  • Cobra Stretch

Day three might be a killer but then just you wait on day four Let’s see how we can handle this day. Always ensure that the exercise is repeated every single day. Your desired results will not be attained until completion. Put your shoulder to the wheel and Let’s get going.

Day Four (4)

Here we are with the most challenging day of it all. This is a day that I want everyone to look forward to because I classify it as your rest day….lol. Note well that whenever your body in under continued pressure or strain there must be a point where you rest.

Rest in necessary for the body to recuperate, your muscles need to be relaxed after such exercises. So here we are relaxing and ensuring that we get some good rest with loads of water.

Day Five (5)

Now that we are well rested its time to get at it again so…..

  • Skipping with or without a rope- 30 secs
  • Lunges- *16
  • Push ups- *16
  • Reverse crunches- *16
  • Heel touch- *16
  • Plank- 30 secs
  • Stretch- 1 min

Day Six (6)

  • Skipping with or without rope – 30 secs
  • Triceps dips- 30 secs
  • High Stepping- 30 secs
  • squat pulses- 30 secs
  • Bicycle crunches
  • Plank- 30 secs
  • Stretch- 1 min

This brings us to the first phase of our training exercise for week one. Always ensure that the workouts are done twice on any give day with a thirty (30) second rest with water.


As difficult as it may sound or look you have my assurance that if you keep to this program you will rip the benefits undoubtedly. Each exercise has its function and they do bring results.

  • Mountain climber– this a body weight exercise that is very effective for burning calories. The basic action entails supporting your body in a plank position whilst moving your knees and working the core.
  • Squats– are a strength exercise which focuses on your lower hip in a standing position and back up. Three muscle groups are mainly worked with this exercise namely; quadriceps, abductor and glutenous muscles.
  • Lunges– any position of the body when one leg is forward with a knee bent and the trailing leg to the back.
  • Plank– this is a core strength exercise which mainly involves you keeping the position of a push up for a period.
  • Bicycle crunches– this exercise mainly focuses on your obliques. Lie on the floor with your lower back pressing against it. Ensure that your stomach is tucked in moving your quadriceps towards your upper body left and right.
  • Reverse crunches– it improves stability in the spine, lower back and hips. Lie on your back with the knees clinched together and your legs about 90 degrees, bring your knees towards your chest repeatedly.

Here I have outlined some of the most effective exercises their functions and how they are performed. Repeating these exercises for a thirty period will definitely improve your body and looks.

Take this challenge for thirty days and live in the results you will be confronted with.


6 Replies to “Training Schedule: For Weight loss”

  1. This is such a great program Sherman – I got worn out just reading through this- lol

    I need to lose some pounds and at 60 I really do need more exercise and while I was searching for a good program I came across this post 

    you have laid this plan out really well and slowly but surely I will start each exercise to lose those pounds and get some muscles working again.

    Thank you

  2. Oh wow, I got a free training schedule. I gave up loosing weight for some reasons : 1. I don’t have time to go to the gym and hiring a personal trainer would cost me more. 2. I got a lot in my hands – kids, chores, work at home 3. teaching job.

    Sometimes I do try Zumba, Tae bo and Aero by watching youtube videos but I can’t keep up. I don’t really have good body coordination. With your program, I think I can keep up with it. I am not a pro when it comes to exercise but I know when something is achievable. 

    I want to get fit and healthy and this time I will set a goal. Never mind the sweat and exhaustion. It will be my goal for the month. Thanks for sharing this to us. I will do it by heart. PS thanks for including a rest in the program!

  3. Hello there!
    Losing weight is a very much desirable matter for most of the people in our generation nowadays. Thanks for sharing these ideas about the ways to lose weight. Will you please explain some more about mountain climber? Other ways you have shown like walking, push-ups, bicycle crunches day by day manner are great.

    1. Sure, mountain climber is basically getting down on your hands with your knees bent, lift your knees about six inches off the floor moving your legs back and forth almost having your knee touch your forearm continuously. This is a very effective exercise for your core specifically 

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