an easy weight loss diet

The challenge

Creating a diet plan to lose weight can be very simple but complicated at times. A lot has to be taken into consideration when populating a plan that is to be used on a daily basis by anyone.

The simplest part of this plan is to put a list of foods together and then comes the most complicated part which is eating and keeping to it.

Foods that makes the difference

continue this journey there are three basic things one needs to take into consideration they are mainly;

  • Intake of sugars and starch
  • hight consumption of protein, fat and vegetables
  • working out at least four times a week

There you have it three simple steps that can make a world of difference.

We all know what damages are cause by sugar and start in the human body. Sugars found in sweet beverages, candy and the list goes on are detrimental gain which equates to health issues.

In simple words foods with high starch content are very rich in glucose, basically too much of these foods will cause an increase in your blood glucose level. The effect of increase in blood glucose level leads to fatigue and that hungry feeling even if you’ve just eaten.

One question that always pops up is, “what foods I can eat for proteins? My answer to this question will always remain as lean meats. Whether it be poultry, pork, beef or lamb. Keep it lean and you will be on the right path.

Low card vegetables are what I consider super foods because of the health benefits. Here are a list of low card vegetables

  • Carrots
  • Cabbag
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Broccli

These foods makes the process of digestion rather easy and aids immensely in improving one’s health holistically.

Adding this to your meal selection will definitely improve your health, it decreases your appetite, noticeably there will be more weight loss in the stomach area. Low card diets decrease triglycerides which is fat that increase the risk of heart disease.

Fat source can be a very tricky set of words to play with. For health benefits the best fats source can be gained from

  • Avocado oil
  • coconut oil
  • olive oil

Oils are to be used moderately, in life there’s this saying that too much of anything is not good, as much as there are health benefits to it.

For great results I reach your desired goal weight lifting can be the ultimate thing. This isn’t and easy task but if you are focused and reaching your goals do this at least four days for the week. The effects of weight lifting is it decreases body fat and increases your muscle mass.

You will appear bigger but there will be much less fat in your body. Some of us don’t have the time for it so I recommend cardio. Pure Cardio works wonders with this plan.

There must a complete understanding of this regime. Great will and determination will be the key to your success, stay focused, eat right, work out.

How to lose Belly fat for men: the real deal

This picture depicts our struggles in life as men. We want to have good times and let it last not realizing there’s a downside to it.

Getting it done!!!

This by far is the toughest part of losing belly fat, as the old saying goes old habits die hard, as difficult as it may sound doing it might just end up being the easiest thing you’ve ever done as long as you get into motion.

The first area of focus would be getting rid of the old habits, first thing you should do is get a pic of you now, reason being this will serve as some sort of motivation for you yup losing that belly fat.

Our next step is to take a close look at your eating habits and drinking as well. Did you consume healthy meals at all? Were your meals balanced at all? A healthy and balanced meal does not entail much here’s a typical example of healthy and well-balanced meals for any given day;

  • Break fast – one (1) cup of all bran cereal, one (1) cup of skimmed milk, half a fruit of your choice, one cup of green tea or water
  • Mid-morning snack- a handful of nuts (almonds or raw cashews), half a pear or apple, green tea or water
  • Lunch- one (1) cup of brown rice, veggies of your choice with a tables spoon of fat free salad dressing, an ounce of meat (chicken breast, fish or pork lean).
  • Mid-afternoon snack; a handful of nuts as stated earlier, half a fruit of your choice and water
  • Diner; Veggies of your choice with fat free dressing and grilled chicken, fish or lean pork.

This is basically a simple meal plan for one day, during which at least three (3) liters of water should be consumed. This is more or less a start up. Eating healthy cane be costly but bear in mind if you wish to live a healthy lifestyle this should never be an issue.

Does It really work?

No one said this would be easy but, this is a method which I have explored and found to be very effective. Getting rid of wanting a snack in between meals if not and easy urge to get over specifically if you’ve been used to it, guys if your really want to get rid of that belly fat this should’not be an issue.

Allow yourself at least one week with this diet there’s no need to stick to the exact items but you can always work around it ensure that the items are similar.

Another burning question would be, Is exercise necessary? Getting rid of unwanted fat in its entirety does really work without a workout regime but, for starters don’t go too hard on yourself for now, just remember that exercise has to be in co-operated at some point in the not to distant future.

I started off without any exercise but I really stuck to my meal plan, I got some serious urges in between meals but because of determination and my before pic I stayed away. At the end of week one as in six days, I chose a cheat day for myself which was Sunday.

I lost about two pounds whilst my body got used the eating habits, at one point I felt like giving up, the urges were so strong. This I when I decided to implement a training regime.

One my second week I in co- operated pure cardio workouts, most times I went out jogging 4 miles. After the second week I really saw the changes and shift in my body. I was questioned by friends they wanted to know if I was sick because I had appeared to be losing weight. I actually never even bothered to respond…lol. I knew what it was.

So here I am saying to you some Cardio workout would go a very long way you will definitely see the benefits in a short space of time which I can safely say.

N. B I didn’t for one minute speak of extra curricular activities, if you really are serious about getting rid of unwanted belly fat try putting these activities to rest for a bit. One glass one wine at a social gathering won’t cause any harm but if you persist then…it all falls down.

Having touched on the eating habits we should also take note that there are things our bodies require, we need some old foods that we once clung unto. For this reason, I included a cheat day, on this day I would eat like I normally did not think about anything…… Yes not think about anything but eating what I really love.

What should you expect

expectations should be very high. The reason for this is mainly taking a close look at the amount of calories you take in for a day (with regard to the meal example provided), the daily calorie in take with this program is roughly 1400- 1500 calories, yes that’s exactly what it is.

In essence this amount of calories would definitely suffice for you when it comes to losing unwanted fat. I have tried it and it worked. Hence, the reason I’m saying to you that your expectations should be very high.


Weight loss: getting it done

Are you over weight? Have you tried a weight loss program that just didn’t help just one bit. Well let not your heart be troubled, I am her to enlighten you on getting this weight loss thing done and remaining focus as to achieving the goals that you have set out for yourself. This won’t be an easy task but, I guarantee you at the end of it all you will find it fun and interesting to get rid of unwanted fat in your body which translates into weight gain.

You will be a healthier and happier you as long as the goals that you have set out for yourself is maintained.

Importance of Weight Loss

weighing too much is definitely not a good factor when it pertains to one’s health. Too much weight easily leads to health issues some of which include;

  • Problems with your heart
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Cancer (certain types)

Excessive weight may cause persons to be very unhappy, whether we like it or not our peers will always look at us in a different light and just one bit times throw some jabs just one bit us. You may encounter problems with your breathing specifically just one bit nights, these issues alone should indicate to you the importance of weight loss.

Keeping Weight under Control

This is by far the most difficult part of losing weight. Keeping it under control is a killer. I speak from my own experience. I started off very well got frustrated after a few weeks because I felt I wasn’t seeing the results. Not withstanding this I continued on my path, this was when the results came flying in. I was astonished I could believe how quickly my body was transforming.

I continued on my path until I got to the point where persons actually complimented me on my appearance, yes I got swell head and stopped because I felt so good. My clothes fitted so well then boom, weight returned because I had become this social butterfly who was always out drinking with my friends. I returned to my training regime and have not stopped ever since.

In essence as difficult as it is to lose weight it is twice as easy to put it back on. Here are a few ways to keep your desired weight under control.

  • Being very active physically
  • Having a balanced breakfast every morning
  • getting loads of sleep (8 hours)
  • Drinking water
  • Exercising

Keeping Motivated

As stated earlier losing weight is a killer but, when you get down to the business end of it, it’s so much fun. There are many ways of keeping yourself motivated.

  • Develop a plan
  • invite friends
  • jot down your goals
  • share your stories
  • keep “I can and I will” instilled in your mind
  • stay focused

Benefits of Losing Weight

There are amazing benefits in losing weight. Persons who have done so have been speaking volumes about it. Getting to your desired weight is a beautiful thing. This leads to a healthier life style, a fresh mind every morning, new-found self-esteem.

A low risk of health problems would be on the door step of losing weight and keeping it off. Knowing that you got your to desired weight is something definitely to shout about. A healthier life style leads to a healthier individual. A perfect functioning body that compliments your looks and hard work.

Weight loss make it fun

The human body can pose a high list of issues, issue that may be developed as a result of bad health and weight gain. The key to a healthier and prosperous life is to remain just one bit healthy. Being healthy entails keeping your body just one bit a desired weight, eating the right food to complement your weight loss, getting enough rest.

One can still be a social butterfly Jill myself when I did it, all work and no play makes jack and Jill a dull boy or girl. Keeping excessive weight off should always be on your mind. Always reflect on the hard work that you had to put in to get where you are with your body. Nothing in life comes easy as well as weight loss.

About Sherman

Hi there, the name is Sherman William. I am from the Island of St. Lucia located in the Caribbean. I have been in law enforcement for just about twenty years now, retirement is looming and i have recently developed this passion for keeping fit.


Taking this bold step towards law enforcement was not something that i really wanted to do, this was actually not even at the back of my mind but, in life circumstances dictate the outcome of a lot of things. I joined the service at a tender age where i barely had much life experience.

I went through the years diligently, i was always this person who was into sports. I played namely soccer and basketball. Young into the business i was very active until i got introduced to the life of having a darn good time and alcohol (in my own words ALC). I lost sleep almost every night, i consumed large amounts of alcohol.

Then came this unwanted weight gain, at the height of five feet four inches my weight was an astounding 172 pounds this was unbelievable to me when reality hit me. This is when i decided to curtail on my activities and get going with a fit and healthy body.



Throughout the years i have seen a growing trend in weight loss, most times this weight gain is somewhat unwanted by persons. I have basically seen people cry about it and yearning for a way to just get rid of unwanted fat in their bodies and return to who they once were. This has a very positive impact on my, this motivates me every day and wants me to get up every day and reach out to persons who are truly focused on losing weight. I want to help because i know this is the way.

To many a time i have seen persons fail, their failures has been a stepping stone for me to want to help others, for me to motivate others and for me to assist in them accomplishing their desired weight.



The main goal of my site is to share some light on losing weight through my life changing experiences.

  • help persons maintain a long term weight loss routine
  • motivate persons in losing weight
  • losing weight and enjoying eating the foods you love
  • remaining active
  • changing the entire mindset and concept of weight loss

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Sherman William