How to get a lean Body

First to begin with as simple as this may sound one needs to understand the definition of a lean body before endeavoring to actually want one.

Calculating Lean Body Mass

With a lean body there is one word which will always linger on our minds, this word is “Weight“. A lean body is merely weight that isn’t fat. Sounds tricky? So in simpler words a lean body is a body that has a very low percentage of fat.

There is a lot that encompasses a lean body, another word that you should come across with a lean body would be “Mass” what is this one would ask.

Mass- this is the amount of weight you carry on your body that isn’t fat. Here comes the easiest part of u understanding a lean body. To get your lean body mass there is an easy procedure that you can follow, believe you me I have used it in the past and was very much impressed with the results produced.

Now that we have broken down to important and key aspects of a lean body we will move on to calculating it. There are a variety of scales that can be used to do such. To get your lean body mass the equation is to minus your weight from your body fat percentage. Yes I know, what did I just say?

Body Fat Percentage?

A simple way to get your body fat percentage is to use a body fat calculator. This would surely pave the way for you in understanding body fat percentage. These calculators can be found online or to make it even easier and more beneficial to you purchase a body fat scale at

With the equation having obtained your weight and your body fat percentage get a pen, paper or better yet a calculator…no not of those body calculators, a simple mathematical one would do the trick. So multiply your weight by your body fat percentage, then subtract the results from your body weight, this will give you your lean body mass.

The results obtained from this simple equation would basically tell you your lean body mass.

What should I do from here?

You’ve completed the simple calculation and now wondering what’s your next step right? The results obtained from the equation is your lean body mass. So generally what one should do is work towards decreasing on the results obtained.

Yes! decreasing your body mass will definitely go along in a healthier and happier you. Keeping a lean body includes regular exercising and a huge change in your kitchen. A Lean body= 80% diet and 20% exercising.

Please feel free to comment as feed back would go a long way in me providing the best assistance for you, let’s keep a healthy lifestyle.

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