Five Lean Muscle Workouts


Getting a lean body comes with a lot of hard work but this could be fun. Here are a list of items needed to perform five simple but effective lean body workouts.

  • Dumbbells of up to about twenty pounds (20lbs)
  • Simple work bench
  • Work out mat
  • Pull up bar
  • Support bar


  • Bench Press with Dumbbells

    To perform this exercise you one would need a work bench as populated in the list earlier. Adopt a lying position on your back on a work bench holding a dumbbell in each hands. The easiest way to handle them would be at a neutral position in this way your palms would be facing each other. Extend your elbows until your arms are straight, bring the dumbbells back down slowly just past your shoulders. Ensure that when your elbows are extended do not allow the dumbbells to touch as this could off set your rhythm. (perform for 45 seconds to 1 minute)

    This is the prefferred time frame for beginners, note well, the stronger you get the more reps you perform.

    • Invert Push ups

    This is basically performed in the normal push up position but this time using a suspended bar for support. Having adopted the push up position use the support bar and place the inner ankle closer to your instep on it. By then your upper body should be lower than your legs on the support bar. Bend your arms and elbows pointing out your head gets closer to the floor. Down and up should be counted as one rep. (perform for 45 seconds to 1 minute)

    • Dumbbell glute Bridge

    A dumbbell of at least twenty pounds (20lbs) would be ideal for this exercise. Place a mat on the floor of your workout space. Lie down on your back with your knees and your feet flat on the floor. Get hold of the dumbbell and place it on your lower abdominal, keep the dumbbells in place by using both hands. Move your hips in an upward motion keeping your abs contracted and squeezing your but in as well. Ensure that your body forms a line from your shoulder to your knee. One movement up and down counts as one rep. (45 seconds to 1 minute)

    • Single arm row with dumbbells

    For this exercise a work bench is required for the purpose of leaning and support. Place a dumbbell on which ever side of the bench you so choose left or right. For the purpose of this illustration I’m using my right side. Place your left knee on the work bench with your left hand at the front on the bench. Push your upper body towards the bench ensuring that it remains at ninety degrees. With your right leg being set on the right side of the bench and straight reach for the dumbbell with your right hand, bringing it up towards your bent upper body. Repeat this rep on either side for 45 seconds to 1 minute.

    • Goblet squats with dumbbell

    Adopt a standing position with a dumbbell in your hands. Bring up one end of the dumbbells close to your chest with both of your hands. Keep your upper body straight and your feet at least shoulder width apart. Holding the dumbbell to your chest move downwards as your knees are bent outwards, you should feel the weight on your heels. Reach a full squat position and at the same time keeping the dumbbell to your chest. See how many can be done in one minute up and down should be counted as one rep.

    Results with these exercises vary, the stronger you get the more you push and the better results in the end, focus of the words “LEAN BODY”, then tell me your results I’m waiting.

    4 Replies to “Five Lean Muscle Workouts”

    1. Thanks for the tips! 

      My husband is a huge fitness fan and is always trying to get me to do workouts with him and this seems easy enough for me to do! I like the added link to the work out supplement as well 🙂 

      For people who don’t have dumbbells, are there other subsitutions that they could use instead?

    2. All these postures are more of advance  compare to what someone like me can  practice. I have never seen any style from this post that my uncle has not practiced. He loves exercise so much and this make him to have a very pronounced physique. Maybe his profession wanted him to stay more fit, that’s why he’s going through the stress  I have a question please. Can this positions also be practiced by female? I always thought anything that has to do with dumbbells and push-up are not ideal for female but male. Tell me if am wrong please. 

      1. yes these positions can be practiced by a female the only difference would be a much lighter dumbbell stemming from about ten pounds. For push ups its even easier all you do is do down on your palms both knees bent on the floor, cause your ankles to cross each other and to the push up motion. 

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