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Product: Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike with Upper Body Strength System

Price: $190.00

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My Ratings: 10/10

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About Stamina Wonder Bike

This isn’t your ordinary workout bike rather it’s a revolutionized bike designed to work your upper core, arms and legs at the same time.

  • It is equipped with a multi functional monitor which displays calories burnt, distance covered and speed
  • Designed with a wide cushion seat and back rest for full comfort during workouts.
  • Included in the purchase is two (2) free online on demand workout videos with the guide of a personal trainer to motivate you and help you reach your target goal.

What to Expect

Results vary in respect to the use of the equipment but, expect complete toning of your arms, shoulders, chest and your back. These are the muscle groups targeted and they are always at work.

Who can use it

Due to the fact that the intensity level of your workout can be adjusted, the wonder bike is designed for anyone to use. So if you’re that easy going person who is not bent on over exerting yourself this is a machine for you. You’re this person who is just a fitness freak and you never back down to a challenge think no more this is your new challenge.

In the End

I highly recommend the use of the wonder bike in the day to day training regime, the results to be gained from this machine is astounding. It’s fun to use and believe you me taking a look at your calories burnt after and exercise being intense or not you will definitely have a smile on your face.


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