Benefits of Water in Weight Loss

  • Water is an appetite suppressant, a lot can be gained from water specifically before meals. Drinking water before a meal makes you feel fuller and therefore actually reduces the amount of food that you take in.
  • Drinking water helps boost you metabolism and helps you stop retaining water which eventually leads to reduction in water weight. The more water you drink the more regularly you visit the lavatory.
  • We all have this thing so sodas and juices right. If you replace them with water it will assist you in losing weight, sodas and juices contain sweeteners which are not that beneficial to your health. A lot can be done with water, here is a typical and power full example: add a slice of lemon to your water. The benefit of this is it reduces your craving for food oh yes and that thing we call snacks. So if you are dead serious about weight loss drops those sugary drinks and take in more water.
  • There’s a rule that exists about water for a healthier you and radiant skin. Eight (8) glasses of water per day does the trick and its also effective in maintaining your weight. For the hard hitters when it comes to exercising because you sweat that much you need to take in more water. If you drink less water decaffeinated drinks like herbal tea work wonders, guess what its water based.
  • A lot of people inquire about what’s the best way to drink water. Is it better at room temperature or iced cold. Guess what? you might find this strange but iced cold is much better. This is why: first of all its more refreshing, it helps boost your metabolism because your body works harder to warm up the water. You burn more calories in the same process leading to weight loss.
  • To know if you’ve taken enough water in is rather simple. A simple rule to follow is see how often you visit the lavatory and in doing so check the color of your urine. Clear urine means that your body is properly hydrated. Very yellow means that you got to get water in there.

Follow these five simple steps and see the full benefits of water, remember water and weight loss goes hand in hand lets just say Bonnie and Clyde.

Whatever you do drink it!!!!

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