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Hi there, the name is Sherman William. I am from the Island of St. Lucia located in the Caribbean. I have been in law enforcement for just about twenty years now, retirement is looming and i have recently developed this passion for keeping fit.


Taking this bold step towards law enforcement was not something that i really wanted to do, this was actually not even at the back of my mind but, in life circumstances dictate the outcome of a lot of things. I joined the service at a tender age where i barely had much life experience.

I went through the years diligently, i was always this person who was into sports. I played namely soccer and basketball. Young into the business i was very active until i got introduced to the life of having a darn good time and alcohol (in my own words ALC). I lost sleep almost every night, i consumed large amounts of alcohol.

Then came this unwanted weight gain, at the height of five feet four inches my weight was an astounding 172 pounds this was unbelievable to me when reality hit me. This is when i decided to curtail on my activities and get going with a fit and healthy body.



Throughout the years i have seen a growing trend in weight loss, most times this weight gain is somewhat unwanted by persons. I have basically seen people cry about it and yearning for a way to just get rid of unwanted fat in their bodies and return to who they once were. This has a very positive impact on my, this motivates me every day and wants me to get up every day and reach out to persons who are truly focused on losing weight. I want to help because i know this is the way.

To many a time i have seen persons fail, their failures has been a stepping stone for me to want to help others, for me to motivate others and for me to assist in them accomplishing their desired weight.



The main goal of my site is to share some light on losing weight through my life changing experiences.

  • help persons maintain a long term weight loss routine
  • motivate persons in losing weight
  • losing weight and enjoying eating the foods you love
  • remaining active
  • changing the entire mindset and concept of weight loss

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Sherman William


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  1. Hi there Sherman,
    Your website is looking good and the pictures say what you express clearly. There are a couple of issues though. One is that your website is not secure and there a few incorrect spelling.

    You are doing well and keep up the good work.

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