Eight Low Calorie Super Fruits for Weight Loss


Weight loss isn’t weight loss without fruits. Fruits are very beneficial in weight loss and are very low in calories’, they help enhance any weight loss program. So instead of the ordinary snack that we are always used to like for example a chocolate bar substitute it with a fruit and reap the real benefits.

Research upon research have proven the great health benefit of fruits, each fruit has its own health benefit. Here are a list of eight super fruit and their benefits for weight loss and a healthier you;

Peach– the calories’ intake for one peach is 37 combined with 1.6 grams of fiber. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compound. Peaches offer a small amount of magnesium and are packed with antioxidants which are beneficial plant compound, these helps your body against aging and diseases. A fresh peach has more antioxidant

Strawberries- they are packed with 50 calories’ and 2.5 grams of fiber, strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese. They are very rich in antioxidants and plant compounds. These plants compound contains benefits for blood sugar control and your overall health.

Grapefruits– one medium grape fruit is packed with 37 calories’ and 1.7 grams if fiber. This is a tropical fruit which can either be sweet or sour. Its contains antioxidants and fiber, research has proven that health benefits including weight loss and low risk of heart disease are associated

Apricots– also known as Armenian plums are very nutritious and packed with 34 calories’ and 1.5 grams of fiber. Health benefits such as improved digestion and eye health are associated with its consumption.

Watermelon– This fruit contains per cup with 0.4 grams of fiber.it is rich in vitamin C, A and many plant compounds. Like water this fruit keeps the body hydrated.

Papaya Pieces– packed with 54 calories’ and 2.5 grams of fiber, it is very rich in fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C. It prevents cholesterol build up in your arteries. It helps with weight loss. The fiber keeps you feeling full meaning you eat less which would definitely equate to losing a few pounds.

Orange– with 47 calories’ and 2.4 grams of fiber this fruit belongs to a large group of fruits known as Citrus Fruits. They are a healthy source of fiber, vitamin C, thiamine, and antioxidants, they are composed of carbs and water with little protein, fat and few calories’.

Cantaloupe– this fruit is colorful and sweet packed with 56 calories’ and 1.3 grams of fiber. It is low in calories’ and full of nutrients that helps with lowering the risk of certain diseases. The most potent vitamin in this fruit is A and C and it helps in maintaining strong and healthier hair.

Now that I have made mention of these eight (8) super fruits, I am putting you to the test asking you to include them in your daily meals. Experience the health benefits of consuming these fruits and give me some feedback upon living in the results.

    What is the best Tea for Weight Loss

    Tea, why tea? what’s in it for me? These are questions I have been faced with on a daily basis when I speak of tea, but without knowing teas work wonders. Teas are like power tools they just keep you going and going. Here are a list of Teas that works magic;

    • Green Tea; This tea is also known as the true tea, meaning for me growing up whenever the word tea came up it would be green tea. This tea is a known aid to weight loss. It offers great health benefits as extensive research has proven so. Green tea is sold as extract or a supplement used to boost weight loss. Drinking two (2) to three (3) cups of green daily will definitely boost your weight control
    • Peppermint Tea; a more familiar tea to our world now, this teak makes one feel full for an extended period. This basically equates to fewer calories being consumed (eating less). Drinking peppermint tea will boost fat loss by enhancing your performance when exercising.
    • Oolong Tea; it is a semi oxidized tea that is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. It offers weight loss benefits. Research has shown that it prevent cardiovascular diseases and increases weight loss especially in obese people. This tea decreases fat cells by an average of 12% as proven by researchers.
    • White Tea; Like oolong tea this is made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis plant. It is harvested and sun dried. It is made by using the very young leaves of the plant, it produces a sweet and mild flavor. Research indicates that this tea has the ability to improve your body’s ability to burn fat.
    • Black Tea; This is one of the healthiest teas as it is very beneficial in reducing type (2) diabetes and improving your blood sugar regulation. As the name says it all, the leaves are deep black with a flavor similar to that of coffee. There are many weight loss benefits of this tea.
    • Rooibs Tea; This is not a familiar tea but it stems from South Africa. It helps to lower stress hormones which cause weight gain. Studies have proven that stress induced weight gain can be reversed by the consumption of this tea.


    The life we live now most of us are health conscious and want to lose weight which can be a monumental task. These teas work as cleansers for your body and at the very same time assist in weight loss tremendously. As stated earlier two (2) to three(3) cups of these teas per day without any sweeteners will work wonders and have you feeling rejuvenated. Pay close attention to the health benefits, drink tea and live on.

      Benefits of Water in Weight Loss

      • Water is an appetite suppressant, a lot can be gained from water specifically before meals. Drinking water before a meal makes you feel fuller and therefore actually reduces the amount of food that you take in.
      • Drinking water helps boost you metabolism and helps you stop retaining water which eventually leads to reduction in water weight. The more water you drink the more regularly you visit the lavatory.
      • We all have this thing so sodas and juices right. If you replace them with water it will assist you in losing weight, sodas and juices contain sweeteners which are not that beneficial to your health. A lot can be done with water, here is a typical and power full example: add a slice of lemon to your water. The benefit of this is it reduces your craving for food oh yes and that thing we call snacks. So if you are dead serious about weight loss drops those sugary drinks and take in more water.
      • There’s a rule that exists about water for a healthier you and radiant skin. Eight (8) glasses of water per day does the trick and its also effective in maintaining your weight. For the hard hitters when it comes to exercising because you sweat that much you need to take in more water. If you drink less water decaffeinated drinks like herbal tea work wonders, guess what its water based.
      • A lot of people inquire about what’s the best way to drink water. Is it better at room temperature or iced cold. Guess what? you might find this strange but iced cold is much better. This is why: first of all its more refreshing, it helps boost your metabolism because your body works harder to warm up the water. You burn more calories in the same process leading to weight loss.
      • To know if you’ve taken enough water in is rather simple. A simple rule to follow is see how often you visit the lavatory and in doing so check the color of your urine. Clear urine means that your body is properly hydrated. Very yellow means that you got to get water in there.

      Follow these five simple steps and see the full benefits of water, remember water and weight loss goes hand in hand lets just say Bonnie and Clyde.

      Whatever you do drink it!!!!

      Five Lean Muscle Workouts


      Getting a lean body comes with a lot of hard work but this could be fun. Here are a list of items needed to perform five simple but effective lean body workouts.

      • Dumbbells of up to about twenty pounds (20lbs) Amazon.com
      • Simple work bench
      • Work out mat
      • Pull up bar
      • Support bar Amazon.com

      THE BREAK DOWN!!!!!

      • Bench Press with Dumbbells

        To perform this exercise you one would need a work bench as populated in the list earlier. Adopt a lying position on your back on a work bench holding a dumbbell in each hands. The easiest way to handle them would be at a neutral position in this way your palms would be facing each other. Extend your elbows until your arms are straight, bring the dumbbells back down slowly just past your shoulders. Ensure that when your elbows are extended do not allow the dumbbells to touch as this could off set your rhythm. (perform for 45 seconds to 1 minute)

        This is the prefferred time frame for beginners, note well, the stronger you get the more reps you perform.

        • Invert Push ups

        This is basically performed in the normal push up position but this time using a suspended bar for support. Having adopted the push up position use the support bar and place the inner ankle closer to your instep on it. By then your upper body should be lower than your legs on the support bar. Bend your arms and elbows pointing out your head gets closer to the floor. Down and up should be counted as one rep. (perform for 45 seconds to 1 minute)

        • Dumbbell glute Bridge

        A dumbbell of at least twenty pounds (20lbs) would be ideal for this exercise. Place a mat on the floor of your workout space. Lie down on your back with your knees and your feet flat on the floor. Get hold of the dumbbell and place it on your lower abdominal, keep the dumbbells in place by using both hands. Move your hips in an upward motion keeping your abs contracted and squeezing your but in as well. Ensure that your body forms a line from your shoulder to your knee. One movement up and down counts as one rep. (45 seconds to 1 minute)

        • Single arm row with dumbbells

        For this exercise a work bench is required for the purpose of leaning and support. Place a dumbbell on which ever side of the bench you so choose left or right. For the purpose of this illustration I’m using my right side. Place your left knee on the work bench with your left hand at the front on the bench. Push your upper body towards the bench ensuring that it remains at ninety degrees. With your right leg being set on the right side of the bench and straight reach for the dumbbell with your right hand, bringing it up towards your bent upper body. Repeat this rep on either side for 45 seconds to 1 minute.

        • Goblet squats with dumbbell

        Adopt a standing position with a dumbbell in your hands. Bring up one end of the dumbbells close to your chest with both of your hands. Keep your upper body straight and your feet at least shoulder width apart. Holding the dumbbell to your chest move downwards as your knees are bent outwards, you should feel the weight on your heels. Reach a full squat position and at the same time keeping the dumbbell to your chest. See how many can be done in one minute up and down should be counted as one rep.

        Results with these exercises vary, the stronger you get the more you push and the better results in the end, focus of the words “LEAN BODY”, then tell me your results I’m waiting.

        How to get a lean Body

        First to begin with as simple as this may sound one needs to understand the definition of a lean body before endeavoring to actually want one.

        Calculating Lean Body Mass

        With a lean body there is one word which will always linger on our minds, this word is “Weight“. A lean body is merely weight that isn’t fat. Sounds tricky? So in simpler words a lean body is a body that has a very low percentage of fat.

        There is a lot that encompasses a lean body, another word that you should come across with a lean body would be “Mass” what is this one would ask.

        Mass- this is the amount of weight you carry on your body that isn’t fat. Here comes the easiest part of u understanding a lean body. To get your lean body mass there is an easy procedure that you can follow, believe you me I have used it in the past and was very much impressed with the results produced.

        Now that we have broken down to important and key aspects of a lean body we will move on to calculating it. There are a variety of scales that can be used to do such. To get your lean body mass the equation is to minus your weight from your body fat percentage. Yes I know, what did I just say?

        Body Fat Percentage?

        A simple way to get your body fat percentage is to use a body fat calculator. This would surely pave the way for you in understanding body fat percentage. These calculators can be found online or to make it even easier and more beneficial to you purchase a body fat scale at Amazon.com.

        With the equation having obtained your weight and your body fat percentage get a pen, paper or better yet a calculator…no not of those body calculators, a simple mathematical one would do the trick. So multiply your weight by your body fat percentage, then subtract the results from your body weight, this will give you your lean body mass.

        The results obtained from this simple equation would basically tell you your lean body mass.

        What should I do from here?

        You’ve completed the simple calculation and now wondering what’s your next step right? The results obtained from the equation is your lean body mass. So generally what one should do is work towards decreasing on the results obtained.

        Yes! decreasing your body mass will definitely go along in a healthier and happier you. Keeping a lean body includes regular exercising and a huge change in your kitchen. A Lean body= 80% diet and 20% exercising.

        Please feel free to comment as feed back would go a long way in me providing the best assistance for you, let’s keep a healthy lifestyle.

        Calories: Lets burn em

        Product: Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike with Upper Body Strength System

        Price: $190.00

        Best Purchase Place: Amazon.com

        My Ratings: 10/10

        Shipping: Free


        About Stamina Wonder Bike

        This isn’t your ordinary workout bike rather it’s a revolutionized bike designed to work your upper core, arms and legs at the same time.

        • It is equipped with a multi functional monitor which displays calories burnt, distance covered and speed
        • Designed with a wide cushion seat and back rest for full comfort during workouts.
        • Included in the purchase is two (2) free online on demand workout videos with the guide of a personal trainer to motivate you and help you reach your target goal.

        What to Expect

        Results vary in respect to the use of the equipment but, expect complete toning of your arms, shoulders, chest and your back. These are the muscle groups targeted and they are always at work.

        Who can use it

        Due to the fact that the intensity level of your workout can be adjusted, the wonder bike is designed for anyone to use. So if you’re that easy going person who is not bent on over exerting yourself this is a machine for you. You’re this person who is just a fitness freak and you never back down to a challenge think no more this is your new challenge.

        In the End

        I highly recommend the use of the wonder bike in the day to day training regime, the results to be gained from this machine is astounding. It’s fun to use and believe you me taking a look at your calories burnt after and exercise being intense or not you will definitely have a smile on your face.


        About Running for Weight Loss


        This is the ultimate exercise for any weight loss program or regime. To get the full benefits of running one has to monitor their calories intake daily. In simple terms you need to burn more than you take consume, sounds difficult but I can tell you this be very simple.

        A Closer Look

        Maintaining your calories intake can be very troubling at times but, the world we live in now there are tons of ways to know your daily intake. This may sound mind boggling but it is so simple.

        As, stated earlier, your first step would be obtaining your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). Basal Metabolic Rate in simple terms means the rate at which your body consumes energy when you are resting.

        How Does BMR apply in Running

        To understand this aspect one must firstly set a daily calorie goal, this would aid in the long run. Your BMR tells your calorie intake with respect to your weight, height and age, this can be done by using a simple BMR calculator. This tools can also be used to obtain your calorie intake you keep your weight or to lose weight. Sounds interesting isn’t it? As, stated, earlier rather simple.

        Now this is where running would come in. A typical example would be running for three miles would basically cause you to burn between 250-300 calories.

        Breakdown on Calories and Weight Loss

        If your daily calorie intake is in the range of say 1418-1500 per day and you run three (3) miles which would cause you to burn between 250-300. What would this mean?

        Basically if your intake is 1500 calories for the day and you burn 300 calories in running this equates to weight loss no more no less.

        Should you keep your intake between 1500 calories minus burnt calories of at least 300 from running, mathematics can be troubling at times but this is an easy one. There will be a calorie deficit of 1200 per day. Keeping up with this aid in shredding weight at a rapid pace.


        To gain maximum results and burn more calories you should pace yourself. Meaning short sprint intervals for a few seconds will work wonders.

        This increases your heart rate for a bit then it decreases. The increase in your heart rate means that you exerted more pressure on yourself this equates to more effort better results.

        N.B A low calorie count will be determined by the foods you eat, follow my sight for more information on foods and their calorie count.

        Have running to be incorporated in your daily workout regime, get the results and leave me a comment.

        Training Schedule: For Weight loss

        Getting down to the training part of losing weight is a huge task indeed but, keeping in mind that you’ve gotten your goals set out for you then as long as you remain focus and up to the challenge you will be in for a feast. Here is a simple workout plan to achieve desired results

        The only equipment need for these series of exercises is a floor mat, and a water bottle. Get these items and Lets getting going .

        Day one (1)                                                               Amazon.com

        • High Stepping – 30 secs
        • Mountain climbers- 30 secs
        • Squats- *16
        • Push ups-*12
        • Reverse Crunches-*16
        • Plank- 30 secs
        • Stretch- 30 secs

        Upon completion of this first phase hydrate yourself and rest for a minimum of 45 seconds, repeat the steps over and then call it a day. In total this should take you to at least twenty full minutes and you should be dripping sweat.

        Day Two (2)

        • Mountain Climbers- 30 secs
        • Triceps dips- *16
        • Jumping jacks- 30 secs
        • Long arms crunches- *16
        • Bicycle crunches- *16
        • Plank- 30 secs
        • Stretch

        By then your muscles should be sore, you should not worry about this because your body has to adjust to the exercises. “If it ent hurting it ent working”. Ensure that the exercises are repeated.

        Day Three (3)

        • Mountain Climbers- 30 secs
        • Jumping jacks- 30 secs
        • Abdominal crunches- *16
        • Heel touch- *16
        • Flutter kicks- 30 secs
        • Plank- 30 secs
        • Cobra Stretch

        Day three might be a killer but then just you wait on day four Let’s see how we can handle this day. Always ensure that the exercise is repeated every single day. Your desired results will not be attained until completion. Put your shoulder to the wheel and Let’s get going.

        Day Four (4)

        Here we are with the most challenging day of it all. This is a day that I want everyone to look forward to because I classify it as your rest day….lol. Note well that whenever your body in under continued pressure or strain there must be a point where you rest.

        Rest in necessary for the body to recuperate, your muscles need to be relaxed after such exercises. So here we are relaxing and ensuring that we get some good rest with loads of water.

        Day Five (5)

        Now that we are well rested its time to get at it again so…..

        • Skipping with or without a rope- 30 secs
        • Lunges- *16
        • Push ups- *16
        • Reverse crunches- *16
        • Heel touch- *16
        • Plank- 30 secs
        • Stretch- 1 min

        Day Six (6)

        • Skipping with or without rope – 30 secs
        • Triceps dips- 30 secs
        • High Stepping- 30 secs
        • squat pulses- 30 secs
        • Bicycle crunches
        • Plank- 30 secs
        • Stretch- 1 min

        This brings us to the first phase of our training exercise for week one. Always ensure that the workouts are done twice on any give day with a thirty (30) second rest with water.


        As difficult as it may sound or look you have my assurance that if you keep to this program you will rip the benefits undoubtedly. Each exercise has its function and they do bring results.

        • Mountain climber– this a body weight exercise that is very effective for burning calories. The basic action entails supporting your body in a plank position whilst moving your knees and working the core.
        • Squats– are a strength exercise which focuses on your lower hip in a standing position and back up. Three muscle groups are mainly worked with this exercise namely; quadriceps, abductor and glutenous muscles.
        • Lunges– any position of the body when one leg is forward with a knee bent and the trailing leg to the back.
        • Plank– this is a core strength exercise which mainly involves you keeping the position of a push up for a period.
        • Bicycle crunches– this exercise mainly focuses on your obliques. Lie on the floor with your lower back pressing against it. Ensure that your stomach is tucked in moving your quadriceps towards your upper body left and right.
        • Reverse crunches– it improves stability in the spine, lower back and hips. Lie on your back with the knees clinched together and your legs about 90 degrees, bring your knees towards your chest repeatedly.

        Here I have outlined some of the most effective exercises their functions and how they are performed. Repeating these exercises for a thirty period will definitely improve your body and looks.

        Take this challenge for thirty days and live in the results you will be confronted with.


        Keto Pure Diet Review: Getting rid of stubborn belly fat




        Product: Keto Pure Diet- Advance Weight Loss (Ketosis Supplement)

        Price: $24.99- $99.99

        Cheapest place for purchase: Amazon.com

        Container Size: 60 capsules

        My rating: 9/10


        Losing weight can be very difficult and challenging. This is an epic fat burner designed to allow your body to use fat instead of Carb for energy. It simply promotes weight loss in the most troublesome part of your body which is the abdomen.

        • WILL KETO PURE DIET WORK FOR ME? losing weight doesn’t happen the following day. The easiest and quickest way to achieve your goal with this supplement is to combine it with a keto (low-carb) diet. This will support your body very well and in the same breath promote weight loss.

        HOW FAST DO YOU WANT THIS BODY?: it is dependent on how you serious you are about getting that body. Keep in mind what your goal is. Human frailty, you will move away at times but the continuous use of the supplement will prove key in the most difficult of times.

        Is Keto Pure Diet just a Supplement

        Definitely not, the use of this product must be correct to get your desired result as it suppress hunger and increases your energy levels throughout the day.

        Remember the less you eat the more you are inclined to get the desired results, following a Keto diet with this will be the ultimate guide.


        You are not happy about your weight and have tried a handful of other weight loss pills, then look no further unlike other you do get your desired results. You will look good and feel great.